Special Request


The specific request forms are for anything that is not on our website.


For example, a rental or you want to buy a piece of property that you couldn't find on the website, you just pick the questionnaire below that fits what you want, either rental, or property for sale or both!


You fill out the questionnaire with exactly what you are looking for and we will get as close as we can to that and that is what we will look for: special area, special size, special type of business, etc.


It is not just real estate and rentals, it can be anything: certain type of business or a certain type of person as a spouse, etc. Now we are not a dating service but we can hook you up with people who can help you find that special business or spouse or whatever it is you are looking for. Maybe it is a certain type of dog or whatever it is.


There is no limit. If it is not on the website, and it is something you are looking for in Ecuador, at least give it a try and fill out one of the forms below and see if we can help you. If we can't find what you are looking for, we will tell you that we can't or we will say the best thing we can do is send you to these people that may be able to help you.


It is worth a shot, so, pick the form below that best fits your situation or what you are looking for, fill it out and we will see what we can do for you!


Fill out our BUYING Questionnaire for help buying real estate in Ecuador!

Fill out our RENTING Questionnaire for help renting property in Ecuador!

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