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Panama Organic Fruit Tree Farms...


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El Valle de Anton, El Valle de Anton, .

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Panama Organic Fruit farms for Sale.Each farm is one hectare (2.5 acres) and you receive full title ownership to each farm you purchase.The farms are all managed by a professional organic farming company that has been in business for over 50 years in Panama. There are Pinapple, Plantanos, Bannanas, Coffee, Avocados, Mangos, Limes and more types of farms to choose from depending on the availability at the time. The farms are organically fertalized, planted, maintained, harvested and the fruits sold and shipped for you. You can expect to see returns within the third year of ownership with returns growing as your trees mature and produce. You don't do anything except get paid on an average of 12% to 19% per year of your original investment. Once you purchase your property the project will go into development immediately. The demand for organic farms have been increasing rapidly due to high demands and limited organic farming in the world today.Land prices have also been increasing in Panama at an average of 11% per year, thus it is expected that the value of your land should rise, too.The prices range from $39,500.00 for the Mangos to $47,000.00 for the Avocados. The price is a one time all inclusive price... This is a true turn-key investment oportunity.To get started contact us at... U.S. Phone... 231.518.0101Skype... rawfoodvitamins or click "email us" from the form above.
Price : $ 49,500.00
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